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Rosedale Piano Movers - 1058a Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4W 2L4 416-929-1915
We Move Toronto's Pianos

There is a rich tradition of piano moving in Toronto. At one time, there were dozens of factories pumping out thousands of pianos every year. Skilled piano movers loaded them onto trains, onto horse drawn carts, up stairs, and into homes, schools, and concert halls. In 1900 in Toronto, piano moving was a skilled, respected profession practiced by hundreds, if not thousands, of men.


Our sister company, Paul Hahn & Co., is a family owned and operated company with over 100 years of experience under their belt.  As a piano store, when Paul Hahn sold a piano or repaired one, they could only fantasize about a moving company that actually cared about being the last point of contact in the home for someone receiving their newly purchased instrument.  For years, they were convinced it was too much to ask to be able to hire a moving company that had a properly trained crew; that cared about pianos; that cared about customer interaction; and that had people who wanted to leave a good impression on our customers.


Fast forward to 2017. By and large, the pride and professionalism of yesteryear had disappeared. The piano store took on the challenge of starting a moving company that would meet their own exacting standards. We started with a small crew and the support of the whole Paul Hahn & Co. team and opened Rosedale Piano Movers. Word got out, and we expanded quickly.


Since those days in January 2017,  RPM has taken on a role of its own in the city of Toronto, connecting with customers who want to be treated kindly, customers who want to hire a properly insured staff knowing they are backed by a company with 100 years of dealing with customers in a similar fashion.  We are now proud of our success, inspired by the past, and confident in our future.


Centrally located, we try our best to serve all our customers with respect and dignity. We are always receptive to feedback and suggestions. We are determined to provide the best moving option for the most competitive price. Our office staff is friendly and ready to help with answers to any questions you may have, along with step by step assistance as the moving process unfolds. We can be reached by phone at 416-929-1915 from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm on Saturday, and your e-mail to us at info@rosedalepianomovers.com will elicit a reply more promptly than you might expect. Our crew is the best in the business; we are fully insured and WSIB compliant. For the few dollars you may save hiring the cheaper company, you have to ask yourself: is it really worth it? But more than the legal requirements, we are not just delivering an object, we are delivering music. There isn’t a much finer addition to your home than a piano. Who knows where your family’s musical adventure will take you? We believe that a piano delivery should be a beautiful beginning to an incredible journey.

We will do our utmost to :
   1. To arrive when we say we will.
   2. To maintain contact with our customer.
   3. To maintain the highest standards of safety.
   4. To be polite, courteous, and professional.

What happens when you don't hire professional piano movers

We encounter many pianos damaged by inexperienced movers or by owners who attempted to move the piano themselves. The cost of the repairs can end up being many times the amount potentially saved on the move. Don’t you and your piano deserve our level of care and attention?