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We Move Toronto's Pianos

There is a rich tradition of piano moving in Toronto. At one time, there were dozens of factories pumping out thousands of pianos every year.

Skilled piano movers loaded them on to trains, on to horse drawn carts, up stairs, and in to homes, schools and concert halls. In 1900 in Toronto, piano moving was a skilled, respected profession, practiced by hundreds, if not thousands, of dedicated men.

Fast forward to 2017, and by and large, the pride and professionalism has disappeared. Rosedale Piano Movers is inspired by the past, and ready to return piano moving to the elite profession it once enjoyed.

Our office staff is friendly and ready to help with answer to any question, and provide step by step assistance as the move process unfolds. We can be reached by phone at 416-929-1915 or Toll Free at 1-877-674-2662 Between 9am and 5pm Monday Through Saturday. And your email to us will get a reply more quickly than you might expect.

Our moving crew is the best in the business. With decades of piano moving experience among them, you will enjoy the confidence that comes with hiring the best. Our crew is fully insured and we are WSIB compliant.

 For the few dollars you may save hiring the cheaper company, is it really worth it?

Our Promise:
1. We will arrive when we say we will.
2. We will maintain contact with our customer.
3. We will maintain the highest standards of safety.
4. We will be polite and professional.

What happens when you don't hire professional piano movers

We encounter many pianos damaged by inexperienced movers, or by owners who attempted to move the piano themselves.