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Inclemental Weather Advisory

If we were hoping for a mild winter, we’ve got another thing coming. According to the long term forecast for winter 2021-2022 from the Farmer’s Almanac, we’re looking at a “frosty flip flop – It’s going to to be a yo-yo type of winter with notable polar coastal swings in temperature” across the province and country! This winter’s “frosty flip flop” weather may result in a significant delay of our crew’s arrival or the cancellation/postponement of a move altogether. We will do our utmost to provide our affected customers with as much notice as possible with a view to updating our estimated times of arrival or rescheduling appointments. If YOU need to CANCEL your piano move because you feel if your area may be impacted by weather conditions, please CALL Rosedale Piano Movers (please do NOT email us). You will not be charged a cancellation fee.

We define inclement weather as any severe or harsh weather conditions that make it unsafe or impractical to travel outdoors. Snow, sleet, ice, frigid temperatures, heavy rain, and high winds are just a few of the “flip flop” weather events our crew may encounter during these winter months. At all times, the safety of our employees and your precious instrument is our prime concern. While we will do our best to monitor and assess weather conditions in advance, we may experience business interruptions. We will communicate with those affected customers as quickly as possible and kindly request their support while we navigate the situation and work towards a solution.

How YOU can help when our crew arrives: Please have your property prepared for our crew’s arrival. This includes moving banks of snow, shovelling and/or laying salt on your driveway, walkway, porch steps, etc., prior to our crew’s arrival. Safety is essential. Our crew reserves the right to refuse the move should perceived dangers property conditions prevail.

Let’s all enjoy the upcoming season and being safe while outside.

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