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Toronto Piano Movers - Rosedale Piano Movers

If you are moving house, or have just acquired a piano, don’t trust just anyone to move it. Our experienced team of piano movers are trained to handle your instrument with care. 

A small mistake can have disastrous consequences, both for your piano and your home. Our moving team will ensure that your piano is delivered safely, and our administrative team will make sure that you know when to expect the movers, and be available to answer any questions leading up to and during the move.

Even if you are moving your entire household contents, and your conventional house mover has assured you that they can move your piano, we urge an abundance of caution. Especially with some of the larger companies, you won’t know who will be on the crew that day.

We get calls every week from concerned piano owners who are moving and quickly realize that the movers they’ve hired are not equal to the task. This is why piano moving is a profession unto itself.

We’re proud to offer our piano moving services to several large moving and shipping companies. The extra expense is but little when the alternative is concerned. Even reputable large moving companies have onerous and adversarial insurance claim processes.

Save the hassle, save your piano, and call RPM today. Your peace of mind and the safe arrival of your piano are our priorities.

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